CROSQ (2015)
Objective: Cooperation on issues and projects covering standardization, conformity assessment and mutual exchange of information and publications between the two organizations. The areas of cooperation include the exchange of information and exchange of views and best practices.


AENOR (2014)
Objective: Promote international and regional standardization through the exchange of standards, enabling the countries of the Americas the development and harmonization of standards, as well as work to improve the development of smart grids and renewable energies in the region.


FINCA (2014)
Objective: to establish a formal relationship between The Pan American Standards Commission, COPANT, and the Forum of IEC National Committees of the Americas, FINCA .


KATS (2013)
Objective: to establish formal cooperative framework to promote standardization activities within the region.


AFNOR (2013)

Objective: To exchange views on the activity, operations and program of work of various international and regional standards organizations. To cooperate in the field of Standardization within the framework of international standards organizations.


ISO (2012)
Objective:To promote international standardization in the region. To increase participation of the countries of the region in the work of ISO.


Objective: To promote and enhance communication leading to a better mutual understanding of their activities, priorities and roles; To share knowledge and exchange best practices regarding standardization activities in each region.


Consumers International / ROLAC (2004)
Objective: To promote the participation of the Consumers in the Standardization processes.


ICTA LA (2003)
Objective: To support the processes of Technical Standardization in topics of Accessibility the Infrastructure in Latin America.


RAN / CAN (2000)
Objective:To promote the adoption of COPANT / ISO / IEC Standards in the subregion. To rationalize resources.



Objective: To promote the COPANT / ISO / IEC Standards in the subregion. To rationalize resources.


Objective: To promote Standardization, Information Services, Certification, Training and Testing activities in the subregion.


ALADI (1995)
Objective: To promote Standardization and Certification activities in the countries.


NFPA / ANSI (1994)
Objective: To promote NFPA/ANSI Standards and Codes in the region when ISO Standards are non-existent.


Objective: To encourage the cooperation among the interested parties in the field of drinking water and health in Central America, the Caribbean and the Andean region with the Standardization Bodies of those regions. To promote the development of COPANT Standards in this area.


IEC (1994)

Objective: To promote international standardization in the field of electricity and electronics in the region. To increase participation of the countries of the region in the work of IEC.

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